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PowerBuilder 6 Series

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This series provides an introduction to PowerBuilder 6 and its development environment. It describes PowerBuilder's main components and explains how to create and manage libraries, use the Application Painter, and create menus and windows. The concepts of design are presented, and building objects is covered in detail. Also examined in detail is building windows, event programming, creating and using Data Windows, and using SQL commands to interact with databases in PowerBuilder applications. Additional topics covered include providing reports and implementing final touches in a PowerBuilder program, and how to debug an application and create an executable program.



This series is for programmers who want to learn about the PowerBuilder development environment and start creating PowerBuilder applications.


  • Exercises that allow users to practice the application
  • A file containing the text of the exercises
  • Simulations that allow users to practice course skills, even if they don't have access to the application
  • A glossary
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