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Terms and Conditions

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1. Privacy

Webteks Ltd has the right to hold your information and contact you in respect of any related services. We respect your personal information and protect it with its highest level of security. Your personal information is only accessible to Webteks Ltd, the course sponsor, and the designated regulatory association, and will not be sold or given to outside organizations without your permission.

2. Security and Credit Cards

Webteks Ltd uses the same high level of security that financial institutions use to guard your personal data. Credit card numbers are not stored on the Webteks Ltd system. You may update or change your other billing information at any time. For security reasons, we will never re-display entire credit card numbers in readable form and all credit card transactions will be handled by our secure server. We do not offer non-secure transactions.

3. Cookies

Webteks Ltd uses cookies to track your progress through a course. The cookie only contains your UserID. If you have questions concerning the use of cookies, please contact our Technical support department for additional information.

4. Refunds

If a course is booked, held or paid for and you wish to request for cancellation, we require the cancellation in writing within the 14 days period, this will be fully granted. In the event of a refund, an administration fee of £75 will be charged. Please note once a course has been accessed, we cannot grant a refund. All refund requests must be received in writing. There are no refunds for any discounted courses e.g. special offers.

5. Complaint Resolution

Customer complaints are handled by one of the managers, which are empowered to handle and resolve customer complaints. In the event you are still dissatisfied, the Webteks Ltd operations management will address your complaint.

6. Server & Course Improvements

Due to us continually improving and upgrading our courses and security there may be an occasion where you will be unable to access your course.  Please be assured that this time will be kept to a minimum and is in the interest of our learners.

Note. All external exams vouchers must be used within the 12 months course access.