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Wireless Lan Solution Engine

Course Details:

  • Days: 2
  • Course Code: CIWLSE
  • Booking: Please ring 08450 504 505


This course provides instructor-led training as well as nine hands-on labs. This course describes the features and the Cisco Works Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) and provides instruction for using it.


An understanding of the Cisco Aironet product family, as well as fundamental knowledge of WLAN technologies. This knowledge can be attained by attendance in AWFSS.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Apply a set of configuration changes to access points
  • Upgrade firmware on access points
  • Display reports for tracking device, client, and security information
  • Input fault and policy monitoring
  • Manage your WLAN radio environment to deploy, expand ,and day-to-day management

Course Outline

  • Appliance setup and config
  • Managed device setup
  • Lab 1 Initial Setup and Config Devices
  • Discovery and Inventory Polling and Grouping
  • Lab 2 Discovery and Grouping
  • Wireless device config
  • Lab 3 Managing Firmware
  • Lab 4 Config Access Points and Archive
  • Advanced config options
  • Lab 5 Config Advanced Options
  • Fault and security policy monitoring
  • Lab 6 Generate, Reports and Clear Faults
  • Reports
  • Lab 7 Generates Reports
  • User Management
  • Administration
  • Lab 8 Setup User Management and Administration
  • Radio Management Features
  • Lab 9 Using Location Manager
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Tools
  • Lab 10 Using Advanced Troubleshooting Tools


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