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Cisco Unified Communications System Engineer

Course Details:

  • Days: 5
  • Course Code: CIUCSE
  • Booking: Please ring 08450 504 505


Cisco Unified Communications for System Engineer covers all of the topics necessary for installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of a Cisco Unity 4.0 system in either a stand-alone voice mail or unified messaging environment. UCSE provides best practice information for installation, upgrades, and technical level system set up.

This course is directed at those responsible for the installation, configuration, and on-going maintenance and troubleshooting of Cisco Unity systems in either a stand-alone voice mail or unified messaging environment.


Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Solid understanding of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 (MCSE recommended).
  • Ability to competently program at least one manufacturer's telephone switching equipment (i.e., Cisco CallManager, NEC NEAX 2000 or 2400, Avaya Definitiy series, etc.)

Delegates will learn how to

  • Perform system set up and system customisation
  • Manage Cisco Unity Subscribers
  • Design and implement a media text application using the full range of call handling facilities within Cisco Unity.
  • Generate System and Subscriber reports for troubleshooting Given a set of installation components, select the correct components and install the software following the recommended sequence and verify operation.
  • Given an integration scenario with specific components, select the correct integration type and describe the steps required to complete the integration.
  • Given a particular server type, be able to select the appropriate type of Cisco Unity networking and subscriber to assure message delivery, transfer and replication.
  • Describe and be able to use appropriate tools to address specific system maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Course Outline

Overview of a Cisco Unified Communications System

  • Unified communications overview
  • Unified communications integrations
  • Cisco Unity standard features
  • Cisco Unity optional features
  • Cisco Unity Express

Cisco Unified Communications General Setup

  • Using Cisco Unity
  • Using the Cisco Unity Administrator
  • Cisco Unity system setup

Cisco Unified Communications System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Unified Communications system monitoring
  • Unified Communications systems maintenance
  • Unified Communications system reporting

Cisco Unified Communications System Hardware

  • Cisco Unity global subscriber settings
  • Using call handlers and interview handlers
  • Unified communication server hardware
  • Unified communications voice boards

Cisco Unified Communications System Software Installation

  • Cisco Unity For Exchange Architecture
  • Cisco Unity for Domino Architecture
  • Installing Cisco Unified Communications Software
  • Upgrading Cisco Unified Communications Software

Cisco Unified Communications Integrations

  • Attributes of an integration
  • IP Integration
  • DTMF Integration
  • SMDI Integration
  • PBX-Link Integration
  • Unity Integration with Cisco CallManager

Unified Communications Networking

  • Cisco Unity networking
  • Message transfer and Directory Replication
  • Networking subscribers
  • Digital networking in Cisco Unity
  • Interoperability and SMTP networking
  • VPIM Networking
  • AMIS Networking
  • Cisco Unity Bridge Networking

Unified Communications Maintenance and Utilities

  • Cisco Unity Administration Tools
  • Cisco Unity Audio Management Tools
  • Cisco Unity Diagnostic Tools
  • Cisco Unity Switch Integration Tools


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