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Implementing Cisco Works LMS

Course Details:

  • Days: 5
  • Course Code: CICWENT
  • Booking: Please ring 08450 504 505


The Implementing CiscoWorks LMS (CWENT) v2.5 course teaches students how to effectively use the CiscoWorks applications contained in the LMS 2.5 bundle. The focus is on finding the correct tools within CiscoWorks to document the network, log changes that occur, deploy global changes to devices, monitor network performance, and manage network faults. The labs are designed around students sharing two CiscoWorks servers set up in a Multi-Server Trust environment.


  • Knowledge of basic Cisco IOS commands
  • Knowledge of basic Cisco Catalyst OS commands
  • Basic knowledge of TCP / IP
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Basic Internet browser navigation skills
  • Basic e-mail usage skills

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe fundamental network management concepts
  • Describe the CiscoWorks applications in the LMS bundle
  • Prepare the various CiscoWorks repositories, databases, and applications for use
  • Maintain an asset inventory using CiscoWorks tools for documenting the network and generating reports
  • Manage network connections using CiscoWorks tools to view and troubleshoot network device, end user, host, and IP Phone connections
  • Manage the configurations of network devices using CiscoWorks tools that help archive, modify, and detect changes
  • Monitor the network using CiscoWorks tools that measure response time and device performance
  • Manage the network faults, using CiscoWorks tools which help detect and isolate problems so they can be addressed before causing further network service degradation
  • Describe various CiscoWorks system administration tasks.


  • Describing Network Management Fundamentals
  • Introducing CiscoWorks
  • Jump-Starting CiscoWorks
  • Implementing Asset Management
  • Managing Network Connections
  • Managing Device Configurations
  • Managing Network Performance
  • Managing Faults in the Network
  • Performing System Administration


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