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Administering Cisco Call Manager

Course Details:

  • Days: 2
  • Course Code: CIACCM
  • Booking: Please ring 08450 504 505


ACCM teaches administrators how to perform the most frequently requested administrative tasks for installed Cisco IP telephones and users.

This course is suitable for system Administrators or any person involved in the day to day running of a Cisco CallManager phone system.

This course contains the following topics/components

  • Course Introduction
  • Lesson 1 Reviewing Telephony and IP Phones
  • Lesson 2 Introducing Cisco IP Phones
  • Lesson 3 Connecting End-user Devices
  • Lab 3-1: End-user Devices
  • Lesson 4 Navigating CallManager
  • Lab 4-1: Adding Users and Customizing User Options
  • Lab 4-2: Call Park, Call Pickup, Cisco Call Back, Barge, and Privacy Features
  • Lesson 5 Configuring User Features
  • Lab 5-1: Configuring Extension Mobility
  • Lab 5-2 Call Display Restrictions and Client Matter Codes
  • Lesson 6 Using BAT, Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting


No prerequisites arenecessary. However, learners are expected to have a working knowledge of computer software, Windows navigation, and the ability to understand concepts of voice and computer system operation.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Select, connect, and configure the various Cisco IP telephony devices.
  • Configure Cisco CallManager to add users, phones, and Cisco IP Communicator to the Cisco CallManager database using manual configuration, auto registration, or the Bulk Administration Tool
  • Configure Cisco CallManager to enable features and services to include conferencing, music on hold, speed dials, Call Park, Call Pickup, Cisco Call Back, Barge, Privacy, Cisco IP Phone Services


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