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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Series

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This series works to educate managers and non-managers about the causes and effects of sexual harassment in the work environment. It looks at the elements that define behavior as harassment, methods that can be used to prevent it from occurring, as well as ways to deal with the situation if it happens. As of 10/26/05, the MindLeaders Sexual Harassment courses comply with the following statutes: California: Government Code 12950.1, Connecticut General Statute Section 46a-54-204 and Maine Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807. At this date, there are no other state mandated training requirements that MindLeaders is aware of.



This series is for workers at any level (managers and non-managers) who are interested in addressing or preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.


  • Instructional audio allows learners to hear instructional audio tracks for each course page.
  • Flash and audio provide animated, interactive Lesson Introductions, Activities, and Simulations.
  • Flash scenarios use real world situations to illustrate course concepts.
  • Decision Point activities allow learners to work toward an outcome in an interactive environment.
  • Bookmarking tracks a learner's progress in a course.
  • Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Courses challenge the learner with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
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