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European Computer Driving Licence Version 4.0 Series

Total Items: 7 Total Time: 42.00 hour(s) Subscription Term: 12 month(s)


This series is designed for computer users who have limited or no computer experience, and may be used to help prepare for the European Computer Driving Licence Examination, Syllabus Version 4.0. The series of courses provides an overview of computer hardware, storage, software, and security and copyright considerations. This series also provides introductory instruction on using a personal computer and managing files, and using various PC applications including word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, browser, and electronic mail applications. The European Computer Driving Licence (or ECDL) is the registered trade mark of The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limited in Ireland and other countries. Presentation of the ECDL logo above, signifies that the courseware material distributed through this website has been developed by "Mindleaders" and has received the approval of the ECDL Foundation Ltd.


European Computer Driving Licence 4.0


This series is for those people who have never used a computer and for those who have some computer experience but no formal qualification proving their knowledge or skills. It is also for those people who are preparing to take the European Computer Driving Licence examination.


  • Exercises that allow users to practice the application
  • A file containing the text of the exercises
  • Activities that allow users to apply course concepts in an interactive questioning environment
  • A glossary
7 items


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